07 April 2008

Get in the game and smack that blasted wiffle ball.


No 3 strikes and you’re out in life. Duh. So then why do people stop swinging at the blasted ball? Swung and hit a lot of air, missed opportunities, characterized many a game no longer played. There’s no need to fret too much if one hits that single early or late in the game. New pitches are always there, but you’ll have to come back up to the base and be willing to swing at air and look foolish again and again. Hey and don’t swing like a madman, go for a single. Hah! Why nothing grander? A simple splendid single, standing out in a stadium full of spectators, is perfect enough. Life doesn’t need to be all or nothing. If one is after a home run (early in life) or nothing, then he will likely get nothing. Perhaps missed a home run in your so called prime? Surely, you know more than you did then, so shouldn’t that increase your chance of success this time around? Be conservative (realistic?) with your goals, but not conservative to the point of not participating. Moses wasn’t 80 until he was called to confront Pharaoh and liberate the Hebrews.  So, dear sir, swing at that wiffle ball till you hit it.  And no need to take yourself or life too seriously, have fun swinging at the wiffle ball of life while there's still breath in you.

(After writing this motivational piece I realize it looks a lot like those maudlin e-mails that get forwarded; at least I’m not emailing it to anyone and it is a product of my own sentimental thought.)

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