01 May 2008

Buying Bikes Directly from Giant Factory

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Joshua from Sawyer, MI and anyone else who is wondering:   I didn't see any sort of retail bike sales at the Giant bike factory in Da Ya, Taichung County.  But there is an outdoors store called "Together" in Taichung City on Wen Xin RD and Wu Chuan West RD, which is run by Giant and the prices on the bikes are pretty good.  The store sells Scott as well since Giant is Scott's  OEM.  Last year they had a carbon mountain bike MCM V LTD for about USD$680 with Rock Shocks suspension (See Photo).  Wish I bought the MCM then, can't find it anymore, the bike or the price. Well the bike certainly lived up to it's namesake LTD, just too limited for me.  If you like Decathalon mountain bikes, they also have a store nearby.

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